Payroll Services for Plymouth & South West Businesses

Harold Duckworth & Co Accountants supply cost-effective and efficient payroll services to many companies of all sizes in Plymouth and across the South West. We have successfully staged numerous clients and their new auto-enrolment compliant pension schemes.

We can assist on a number of levels, whatever the size of your organisation, including auto-enrolment. Below is a list of services we offer directly or can advise on:

  • RTI compliant
  • Weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly, monthly or annual payroll processing as agreed
  • PAYE deductions and additions as specified under legislation
  • Account for all payments & deductions, whether pre- or post-tax
  • SSP/SMP/Parental leave
  • Security payslips for every member of staff
  • Payment by BACS as required
  • Cheque/cash payments as required
  • Deduct and monitor any AOE/CSA Court Orders
  • Deduct Student Loans
  • Calculate pension contributions where required
  • Issuing the legally required Auto Enrolment Pension correspondence to staff
  • Full payment summaries
  • Payroll reporting & analysis
  • End of month P32 returns
  • P11Ds (All end of year returns)
  • P45/P46 certificates
  • All end of year returns filed online (P35, P14s, P60s, but not P11Ds)
  • Dealing with enquiries from HMRC, including compliance reviews
  • Miscellaneous payroll associated tasks that occur from time to time

Do you know your staging date?

There are fines of up to £4,000 for not complying with new workforce pension rules. Don’t be caught out. We can help you meet your legal obligations cost-effectively.

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