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It’s surprising how few people know the true value of their business, yet it’s one of the most important pieces of information at your disposal. Harold Duckworth & Co have a proven track record of working with companies and partnerships across Plymouth & Devon, helping them determine an accurate and authoritative valuation for their business.

Common reasons for a business valuation

  • Business acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures
  • Business sales and preparing a business to be sale-ready
  • Existing or new shareholders, minority interests
  • Transfer of sole trader/partnership to a limited company

The 3 main methods of business valuation

  • Asset Approach
  • Market Approach
  • ‘Super Profit’ Approach

If you need a business valuation, we’ll talk through your options, assess your needs and situation then choose the most viable approach to meet them.

Recently, our most common method has been to use the ‘Super Profit’ approach which, briefly, means we review the past few years accounts, adjusting the profit made to account for one-off items or reduced directors’ salaries for tax purposes. Once adjusted, we weight the later years more and calculate an average profit for the years, the ‘super profit’. This is then multiplied (the value depends on the business type), to ascertain business value.

The key benefits we see with this method is that the goodwill value is most truly reflected and one off items such as large repairs do not adversely affect the value.

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