Dedicated Accountancy & Business Services for Start Ups

A clear picture of exactly where you are and where you should be going is often overlooked when you start out on a new venture. Harold Duckworth & Co are experienced in guiding start ups on a budget so you’ll always have the information you need to grow when the opportunities arise. We offer discounted and fixed rate fees to help you in the early years. And we encourage and train all new businesses to use Xero accounting software. (Recent studies have shown it gives you the best chance of keeping control of your finances as you grow.)

Getting your business plan right first time

Over the years, we’ve helped many start-ups navigate the tricky first years of their growth. Of all the things that trip people up, it’s not having a proper business plan from the beginning that causes most problems. That’s why we’ve developed a detailed 10-step plan to help you create a robust strategy – essential for persuading investors to come on board, dealing with bank funding and monitoring how you’re progressing.

The 10-step start-up plan

  1. Introduction
    Overview of who you are, your background and your team.
  2. The problem and the solution
    Every successful business identifies then solves a problem. How are you going to do this?
  3. Be the best – what makes your business stand out?
    Don’t be vanilla. You need to differentiate your offer from the crowd.
  4. Analyse your competitors.
    How big is the gap in your market? Who’s already there? What do they do well? What are you doing better than them?
  5. Create a strategic vision for the business.
    How, where and when do you plan to grow? Identify milestones to aim for and monitor progress.
  6. What are your weaknesses and how will they be addressed?
    Acknowledging weakness is a sign of strength and is vital for gaining investors’ trust.
  7. Calculate the projections.
    We help you add flesh to your numbers and create realistic forecasts.
  8. What’s needed to meet the projections vs what do you have?
    What human and physical resources will you need? Skills gaps, capacity etc.
  9. Timeline for goals.
    Specifics add strength to your plan. You’ve identified milestones as a measure of success. Now you need to set realistic deadlines to achieve them.
  10. Who are you?
    Customers and investors make decisions emotionally then use logic afterwards to rationalise their decision. People buy people. So, defining your story, aims, aspirations and values helps define your company ethos and gives you credibility in your market.

For a competitive fee, we can help you with:

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Cash flow
  • Private & public sector funding
  • Calculating break-even figures
  • Advising on best legal entity type
  • Advising you of your legal responsibilities
  • Notifying the various legal bodies of the new business

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