What Does Brexit Mean for Your Business?

With Harold Duckworth & Co Accountants on board, you can navigate a profitable course through the choppy waters ahead

Brexit will bring big change for all business, whether your customers are domestic, international or both, whatever the details of the final deal.

At Harold Duckworth & Co, our team offer thorough and practical knowledge of all the main market sectors that could be affected. We can give you detailed guidance on how the post-Brexit legal and financial upheaval will impact on your business. At the moment, we’re working with clients in the following areas:

  1. Finding new revenue streams
  2. Costing out business opportunities
  3. Advising on the tax implications
  4. Researching new grants where money was previously from EU grants
  5. Keeping up to date with the Chartered and Certified Institutes’ analysis of regulatory developments

There are possibilities and pitfalls ahead. With the right preparation and advice, you can maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks. Please call Geoff or Ben on 01752 665134 to discuss how Brexit might affect your business.

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