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We are registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and are one of the few registered auditors in Plymouth, to carry out audit services for companies, charities and clubs.

Auditing is not a simple process and does involve a large amount of work. The auditing standards are standard, no matter the size of your company. Therefore the audit for a club with a turnover of £60,000 would have to meet the same requirements as a company of hundreds of millions in turnover.

Therefore where possible, we would recommend that an initial review of your accounts is carried out as this can save significant costs later on. If an audit is necessary, you can be sure our work is up to standard as we are reviewed each year by an external third party.

We specialise in conducting audits for:

  • solicitors holding money in client accounts
  • voluntary organisations, CICs and charities
  • letting agents (see below)

Audits for Letting Agents – Property Mark Compliance & Form Completion

We have submitted a number of Property Mark reports on behalf of our clients. It’s a requirement of the Property Mark that all members have an independent review on their client account to ensure that money is being handled correctly and has not gone astray. This involves us:

  • Visiting your premises to gain an understanding of the processes used with client money
  • Checking the client account to ensure the money spent is the clients, for the clients.
  • Discussing procedure with staff members to ensure compliance with the rules.

Once the review is completed, we check the procedures/processes used to see if they can be streamlined or strengthened, to add value to a necessary requirement.

For an initial consultation about how we can help you with company audits and Property Mark completion, please call Ben on 01752 665134

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