Accounts Preparation for Plymouth Partnerships, Companies & Sole Traders

Maintaining reliable and up-to-date accounts is essential for HMRC and Companies Act compliance. It’s also the bedrock of judging the health of your business. If you need a commercial loan or mortgage, or you’re applying for a tender, you need to be able to demonstrate you’re a solid choice.

With the proposed HMRC move to quarterly accounting, keeping on top of your accounts will be even more crucial. It’s a huge change for the unprepared business. We’ll show you how to keep everything up-to-date and in order, so HMRC don’t try to make your business more complicated than it already is.

Good account preparation enables future growth

Our team of qualified accountants can advise you on best practice for your record-keeping. As even a quick glimpse of any episode of Dragon’s Den demonstrates, you need to know your figures if you want to grow. Access to accurate accounts at your fingertips means you can judge current and future cashflow, manage stock control and prioritise your invoicing much more effectively.

When it comes to year end accounts and self-assessment, hand it all over to us. For many business owners doing your own accounts is stressful, time-consuming and inefficient. It needn’t be. At Harold Duckworth & Co, we’ll ensure you claim everything you’re entitled to and keep the process moving forward smoothly.

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