5 Ways Your Accountant Can Improve Your Business


Accounting is what we do, but it’s not what we are. While we do provide bookkeeping and accounts services, our expert team offer so much more when it comes to running your business smoothly and planning for the future. Here are five ways Harold Duckworth can help improve your business and ultimately increase your growth.


Help get your accounts in order

It goes without saying that tidy accounts have so many benefits including help towards applying for a mortgage or commercial loan. Plus, good accounting will reduce any red flags raised by HMRC. Good record keeping lays the stepping stones for future growth. Having quick access to accurate accounts means you can judge current and future cashflow, manage stock control and prioritise your invoicing much more effectively.


Avoid future problems and plan for the future

How often do you do a ‘MOT’ of your business’ accounts? A fresh pair of eyes can often turn up new simpler ways of doing things that can save your business time and money. Often clients just don’t realise what they can do, but since we see hundreds of businesses we can very quickly see the best way to do something.

Essentially, we come in and provide a detailed report of your business, highlighting any issues and areas for improvement such as where your business is excelling most, providing a clear plan for the future.


Reduce your overheads and avoid tax penalties

While we can’t wave a magic wand and save you money instantaneously, as your trusted accountant we will always offer recommendations to help your business run more smoothly. If your accounts show that you are spending massively in one area that doesn’t offer a good R.O.I. we will tell you, and we are always on hand to answer any questions you have, however big or small.

When it comes to tax returns, accountants are worth their salt if you want to ensure a smooth submission. If it’s straight talking, meticulous accounting you need, we’re the right accountant for you. And if you need to challenge HMRC decisions or manage an investigation, we will work on your behalf to minimise any business interruption.


Ensure your business is appropriately regulated

There is so much red tape when it comes to any business industry. From VAT to government legislation and payroll. Avoid getting penalised by keeping up to date with industry guidelines. A great accountant will be aware of any new legislations and changes in industry regulations that may affect your business, and help you prepare for it.


Understand the value of your business

Knowing your business’ worth is invaluable. From business growth to exit planning, understanding the value of your business will help you in the future.


If you need advice on any of the above topics, do get in touch with us on 01752 665134 or email us at info@haroldduckworth.co.uk to arrange a free consultation.

Our expert team provides a range of accountancy services including bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns.

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